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Dec 23, 2011
Well it wasn't pretty, but they managed to make it to 6-1. Delaware is better than their winless record would indicate, and probably should have won. However, the Blue Hens sort of self destructed down the stretch, and Army, as they have done in several games this year, hung tough at crunch time. Being able to finish strong for the win is a characteristic of this year's team that an Army Basketball team hasn't shown with any consistency in over 30 years.

Note that Duke went into Wisconsin and beat the Badgers by 10, (80-70 ) to remain unbeaten and shot over 60% from the field. That makes Army's 20 point loss in Durham look a bit more respectable.

One thing Zach Spiker has to find a way to fix is the awful foul shooting. At least get the Guards up to par.
Take away Kyle Wilson's 11 for 12, and Army was 9 for 19 at the line against Delaware. And Kennedy Edwards owned 6 for 8, of that 9 for 19. That means Dylan Cox, Kevin Ferguson, Maxwell Lenox, Mo Williams, and Travis Rollo combined to shoot 3 for 11 at the line.

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Feb 13, 2013
Definitely agree that the team as a whole needs more work on foul shooting. Wilson and Plomb are the only two guys another team would want to avoid fouling at the end of a game. As a primary ball handler, Cox needs to be able to score from the foul line more consistently. As it is, opposing team know that we're going to try to get the ball to Wilson when we're trying to protect a lead.