HELP: Embedding Photos, Video and More onto the board

Welcome to the new message boards on

In this help topic, we’ll go over embedding several types of media into your new threads or replies on the boards.

How do I embed from Twitter?

To embed a tweet on to the board, it is simply a copy and paste of the tweet’s URL.

* Copy the URL of the tweet you wish to embed to the board.

* Paste the URL of the tweet in the body area of a new thread or reply.

* Click “Post Reply” / “Create Thread” (Replying/New Thread Creation)

The tweet will be embedded on the board after the new thread is created or the reply has been posted.

How do I embed video?

The message board will accept video embeds from a variety of platforms. Those include the likes of YouTube and Vimeo among others.

There are two ways to embed video on the message board.

1. Paste the URL of a video into the body of the message board post.

NOTE: If the video is one of the formats accepted for responsive embed, it will automatically embed that video into the post upon clicking “Create Thread/Post Reply.”

2. - Click the video icon when creating a thread/replying to a post - insert the URL of the video you wish to embed. Click “Embed.”

How do I embed a photo?

When you are creating a new thread or replying, you can embed a photo to appear in your post.

- Click the image icon. Insert the URL of the photo you wish to embed. Click “Insert.”