HELP: Posting New Topics and Replying to Topics

Welcome to the new message boards on

This help topic will cover the basics of participating on the message boards by starting new topics, replies and much more.

Let’s start with the basics!

How do I create a new post/thread on the boards?

1. Click Post New Thread that is in the top right hand corner of the page. On a mobile device, this button will sit in the center at the top of the page.

2. Insert a Thread Title

3. Create the body of the post - Text, Image, Video, etc. in the field below.

4. When done, click Create Thread at the bottom.

You can click Preview which sits next to Create Thread to see how this thread will look on the message boards before posting.

In addition, you can choose to make this thread you created a Watched Thread which will deliver notifications to you, if you choose in your preferences. It will also store this thread in your Watched Threads so you can go back and check on them later.

How do I create a new poll on the boards?

Follow the same instructions for creating a new thread, by inserting a Thread Title and a message for the body of the post. Before clicking Create Thread, scroll to the bottom of the Create Thread screen and you’ll see options to create a poll.

Fill out each field, including the poll Question, the Possible Responses, the Maximum Selectable Responses, and the Options. Like with creating a thread with no poll, you can click Preview to see how this poll will look on the message boards before posting.

What are the options to format or embed media into my new post or reply?

How do I reply to a specific user in a thread?

If you want to reply to a specific user within a thread and not the original poster, click within the post you want to reply to.

How do I quote a specific post in a thread?

When you click to a specific post in a thread, that post is automatically quoted.

You will see the quote code added when you click reply.

Simply post underneath that to have your message show up underneath the quoted post.

To quote multiple posts, click in each of the posts. You wish to quote. Each time you click before completing your reply, that post will be added as a quote through code in the order that you clicked .

You can also easily select specific text you want to quote by highlighting the text of the user you're replying to.

After you've highlighted the text, you'll get a pop-up up asking if you want to Reply quoting just the text you've selected.

Click Reply and it will quote just what you've selected into the new reply area. Type your message underneath that and you have successfully quoted a section of a user's post.