The Inside Stuff Why GBK & The 12th Knight Premium Message Board?

Charles Grevious

Dec 23, 2009

We are often asked why subscribe to Although there are several affirming answers that we can share, let’s start with one of the crown jewels to membership with, which is access to our premium message board "The 12th Knight".

Interact with Army West Point football fans as avid as you on a daily basis and discuss who you believe will be battling for various starting positions or will Coach Jeff Monken and his staff be able to duplicate historic 2018 season, which saw the Black Knights conclude the campaign as the No. 19th team in the country. This is where the fans gather to discuss the latest on the recruiting trail, coaching moves, player updates, and anything involving the Army football.


For example, here are just a few fan comments and interaction on the 12th Knight relative to our recent Q&A article with fullback coach, Mike Viti.

That was by far my favorite read and article ever on GBK. Thank you GBK and thank you Coach Viti for that insight on our fullbacks, fullback recruiting and fullback game management. Great stuff! -Pack1231

Beyond excellent interview. I love the insight on Coach Viti's and the offense's philosophy with our smash mouth fullbacks. I am even more hyped now to see what they are able to do this season! -Mack 270

After reading the Viti interview I am feeling much better about replacing our three departing seniors. Hearing the Viti game plan play by play and game by game gives me confidence that it’s just a matter of experience before the new crew is ready to make big contributions. His mentality fits perfectly into Monken’s hard nosed 15 round fight. Michigan is going to be a huge early test but it’s their second game also and they have a lot of new players to bring up to speed. If Army can stay close for three quarters anything can happen in the 15th round. Great Article - BCSgator

Coaches normally give us mostly "coach speak" and do not provide much specific information on players. Also the press releases from the sports people say things like "The team practiced various drills under sunny skies". This interview was a welcomed exception. Please try to get more of these interviews - especially with the offensive and defensive coordinators. -BigMatt60

A long-standing community, the premium message board is a place where Army football fans have connected over the years and discussed sports and everything in between with one another and the staff. staff members are always on hand to address your questions or concerns, as well as providing the 12th Knight scoop to members such as breaking commitments, official visit dates, roster movement or which of the new commitments will be arriving when during the winter or summer.

Our staff members also regularly interact with our members asking for their input on what they want to see in terms of content and their feelings on certain discussion points within the beat as well as answering weekly question and answer sessions.

That’s a little peak inside THE 12TH KNIGHT PREMIUM MESSAGE BOARD!

"So, if you are the die-hard fan who is always thinking about Army football and always wants to talk about Army West Point. Well, on our 12th Knight premium message board, there are hundreds and hundreds of Army fans who feel the same way, and they're talking about Army Black Knights' football 24 hours a day, seven days a week and all year long. This is the best spot online for an Army football fans to gather."


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Mar 2, 2013
If you are a true Army football fan, the 12th Knight message board is where I recommend you congregate to other avid Black Knights who truly know and support Army football.
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Aug 27, 2010
Not only is it the best place to talk Army football, but you are getting the inside scoop from the GBK staff, along with premium articles on the team and recruiting. #TheBest hands down baby!
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Oct 31, 2006
Others are good, but this is the most comprehensive Army football site and the 12th Knight has the best intel and football chatter without a doubt.
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Jan 2, 2017
If you are an Army football fan, then being a subscriber here on GBK is a must, especially joining others on the premium message board - that is where all the action and inside the huddle information is exchanged and takes place. GBK brings us all the inside scoops as well.


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May 21, 2012
Best place to talk Army football and the inside scoops and info is the best around. I recommend this site for any and all true Black Knights' football fans. #GoArmy
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A.M. Allan

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Mar 9, 2006
The rules for The 12th Knight message board are the same as the free board. There are several additional suggestions that will ensure that we have a "premium" experience on this premium forum:

1) Whenever possible, move "vent" type posts to the free board.
2) If you are going to post something negative, do it from a place of rational, educated thought - not from emotion (see #1 directly above).
3) Content is king. If you are not happy with the coach, provide statistics to back it up. If you would prefer another coach, provide facts/data to support it. When you argue with facts, people are more accepting of your viewpoints. When you argue with exclamations and poorly thought out arguments, your comments are easily dismissed.

As always, please keep our rules in mind when posting:

Forum Rules
  1. No profanity, racist or sexist comments. This includes using abbreviations or changing one letter of a swear word such that the word(s) are still interpreted by most as profane.
  2. No pornographic or obscene material of any kind. Any user posting pornographic pictures, or links to such material will be blacklisted. This includes materials within a signature file or avatar.
  3. No attacking other posters. If you feel the need to harass another poster, don't do it. What is considered attacking other posters?
    • Bringing up their name in posts that they did not start or were not involved in, just to get a reaction from them.
    • Consistently responding to their posts and responding with no merit other than to belittle them.
    • In short, making a poster a target.
  4. Do not post unsubstantiated rumors about players, coaches, etc. If you have a link to a news story, that is one thing. But if you have heard something 'from a friend of a friend,' this is not the website to post innuendo and rumor. Those posts will be removed.
  5. No repetitive negative posting. What makes a repetitive post? If you come to the forum and consistently say the exact same thing about the exact same topic day in and day out, that is being repetitive. Be sure to understand that no one is saying that you can not be critical. But this site will not be overrun by the same people coming on the site day after day saying the same negative things.
  6. No flaming: If a poster comes onto the board with the intent only to flame, and continues to post nothing but flames or engages in no substantive discussion, the poster's posts will be deleted and the poster will be banned at the monitor's discretion.
  7. No attacks on players or coaches. Criticism is allowed and encouraged if the shoe fits. But that does NOT mean you have free range to bash or alienate a player or coach with your comments. If you disagree with how they played or the effort they put forward, please voice your opinion and state why you hold that opinion. If it's something you would not say to their faces, then don't post it.
  8. No attacking recruits: Just because a player may choose another school does not give you the right to blast them, in any circumstance. There will be zero tolerance on this issue.
  9. No posting of commercial offers, competing websites, or spamming of the board will be permitted.: All threads will be deleted at the discretion of the board monitor.
  10. No posting or distribution of any material that infringes and/or violates any right of a third party or any law. The post will be deleted and members can be banned at the monitors' discretion. This means no posting of premium information from other websites.
  11. Do not give out your personal information on the message board or chat room. Please keep in mind that whenever you give out personal information (such as your email, phone number, etc.) online --- for example, via message boards or chat --- that information can be collected and used by people you don't know. You give out your personal information at your own risk. We are not responsible for any actions that occur if you give out your personal information.
  12. No fishing. Do not attempt to trick fellow posters into posting their email address by promising the inside scoop on a situation. These poor attempts at humor are very disruptive to the board.
  13. No dominating the conversation. Do not dominate the conversation, whether it is a single thread or the overall conversation on the board for the day. A successful message board community involves give and take. If one poster contributes too much, to the point of disrupting the community, he or she may be banned.
  14. Terms of service. By subscribing, registering, or using the sites, you agree that Rivals and or the publisher(s) and board moderators of the sites have the right, in addition to other rights, to delete your posts or blacklist you or any other user at any time, if they believe that action is in the best interest of the sites, for whatever reason, and the reason need not be disclosed. For more information, you can read the Terms of Service for subscribers HERE.
The golden rule is a good one to follow: Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

To the vast majority of fans who read this site and already function within this ruleset, thank you very much for your adult candor and responsible posting.