Tucker On the Sketchy National Guard Business


May 3, 2011
After 60 Secret Service were injured in BLM riot last May, military leaders refused any help. SecDef Esper had ammo removed from DC without telling anyone (a reason he was fired). NG help was also sought for Jan 7 rally. Same leaders said "no" because they "don't like the optics." Now you have 25K (last number I heard) NG all over DC with all kinds of installations and weapons . Of course now you also have bizarre call to subject all to a political examination. Its also worth mentioning that Pelosi went out in public and said military should not respond to Trump orders. She did this while accusing Trump of being a usurper - which is exactly what she was being. I'm sure potential enemies found all this reassuring.

Tucker Carlson: As troops swarm our capital, Democrats send clear message: We're in charge now
The Democratic Party is using the military of the United States as a political weapon

"Democrats in Congress demanded that the troops sent to Washington this week submit to a political purity test -- "ideological vetting, as they put it -- to make certain that every soldier professed loyalty to the new regime. Not loyalty to our country, not loyalty to our Constitution, but loyalty to the aims of a specific political party. Nothing like that has ever happened in America and just a few months ago, it would have been unimaginable. Suddenly it's compulsory."

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Oct 10, 2013