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A.M. Allan

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Mar 9, 2006
We continue to see an increase in our subscribers on, which is very exciting.

With that we have received emails from time to time from many subs -- some of whom do not post, but actually enjoy reading the articles (content) & comments between posters.

Ironically, when we ask them why they don't post on the message board(s), the common response is they are new to this football community and are feeling their way around.

Yes, we truly understand that, but allow me to respond as I did to a couple of subscribers earlier.

We embrace and welcome the "new members" to the forum. Actually, it's that level of transfusion that makes the message board chats, conversations and debates that much more fun and exciting.

There are never any right or wrong comments per say, but more so this is just about the fans, parents, grads, former players, etc., that care about & embrace Army football and it's success ... that is what makes the site what it is and has become.

Our attempt is to provide a venue and forum that has updated information on the program and recruiting, and a place where fans like yourselves can discuss the good and bad relative to Army football.

That being said, please make yourself at home and we look forward to your interaction & posts on the various message boards and topics.

In addition, if there is anything you feel that we could do better, please let us know. We welcome your thoughts and feedback.
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