Team Army beat by 11 in Dec, (UMBC) Stuns #1 UVA in March!


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Dec 23, 2011
What is the explanation for why Army basketball often plays well to start the season and then tanks in Patriot League play every year--particularly in the 2nd half of league play? Army beat UMBC back on Dec 1st by 11 points. I sat in Madison Square Garden and watched Army demolish Air Force, and I was feeling pretty optimistic about their season. Then they went and lost 10 of their last eleven games with seven losses in a row to end the season. Yes, I know Army generally plays a weak non-conference schedule, but it's not as if their Patriot League competition is all that stiff. Across the board, except for Bucknell, this year's P-league was relatively low quality. There was no reason for Army to flail so badly against the rest of the P-league this year. I have been following Army Basketball closely since 2005, and its as if their fundamental skills tail off with every game in Jan and Feb, while other teams polish their game. Is it just the nature of being at the Academy during the gloom period?
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