Army Football GBK: Friday Army Football Fan Participation #FAFFP

Charles Grevious

Dec 23, 2009
The Army football fanbase is a very unique one compared to the majority of college football programs.

All you have to do is look at the student body at the United States Military Academy at West Point, who are the Corp of Cadets and that speaks volumes on so many levels. Of course, this group is much smaller than most student sections attending most college games because of the limited enrollment into the academy ... but they are just as “pumped up” during games, if not more so than other student bodies across the nation.

That is one component of game day at West Point for the Army Black Knights. However, if you have ever been to campus on game day, there are so many other activities to take in, be part of or create your own (e.g., tailgating).

So, we thought today (one day prior to the Black Knights hosting UMass), we would ask the Army fan base to chime in on what game day is like for them. That could include the Good, Bad & Ugly.

So to get you started (feel free to create your own thoughts), here are a few questions you might feel comfortable in answering on this thread

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  • Are you a student, season ticket holder or individual ticket buyer?
  • Are you Alumni, Parent of Cadet or General Fan?
  • What is the GREATEST moment that you have experienced as a Army football fan at Michie Stadium?
  • What is the GREATEST moment that you have experienced as a Army football fan in general
  • What is the Worse or Most Disappointing moment that you have experienced as a Army football fan in general?
  • Using your own words, how would you classify your game-day experience at West Point?
  • What would you add and/or takeaway to improve the game-day experience at West Point
  • What do you like most about this year’s Black Knights team
  • If you were Head Coach Jeff Monken, what would you do the same and differently regarding the 2019 Black Knights team/program?
As a fan, please add in any other comments or thoughts you feel are applicable



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Jan 2, 2017
Thanks for this thread GBK.

I do have a few comments. First, I love my game day experience at West Point and pre/post tailgating make my (including family and friends) special.

Even though this season has been what I expected in terms of wins, I embrace the fact that I have a chance to watch these guys play and play hard every weekend at Michie Stadium and I love watching the cadet support.

That's the good stuff and here's my bad things (LOL).

If I were Coach Monken I would surely look at hiring an O-line coach whose only responsibility is the O-line and recruit more speed.

With regards to the game day experience, I think we have the worse half-time entertainment in the country. We can do better. For example, when we played Morgan State, our band combined with their band put on a great show. We need more of that.


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May 6, 2016
I love the entire Army football game day experience from the drive to the tailgating, of course the game and just re-connecting with the academy as a whole.


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Apr 11, 2017
Game day is always special at West Point, although some fans aren't noise makers, which is why I now sit on the side of the cadets, because they bring the noise.

Monken has truly delivered what he has promised. I do think we need to continue to get bigger and faster, but more so at the skilled positions. Our QBs who are in the pipeline and slotbacks look more like high schoolers than Division I players.