CBS Sports' 2016-17 Pre-season Outlook puts Army at 301 of 351 in Div 1


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Dec 23, 2011

I'm pretty pessimistic about the outlook for the Army Men's Basketball program for 2016-17. Even with a particularly weak non-conference schedule, I think we are looking at a team that will struggle to win even 10 games over the season. Zach Spiker left the cupboard pretty bare in terms of talent for Jimmy Allen. Looks like CBS Sports is thinking the same, putting Army at #301 of 351 Div 1 programs. Surprisingly though they have one other Patriot League team ranked lower with Loyola MD at #304. Navy comes in at #279.

I don't know if the Patriot League Pre-season coaches' poll has been published yet, but another preseason prediction, SB Nation Mid-Major Madness, places Army at #6 of 10 Patriot League teams.
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