Army (#22) - Cincinnati (#14) Prediction Thread


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Oct 31, 2006
The Offensive Combination:

We have not seen such a combination before under Monken and the Bearcats made be in for a huge surprise.

Inside: Our quartet of fullbacks are able to wear down a defense

Perimeter: Robinson breakaway speed and ability can be a game changer and emotionally take the air out of the sails of a defense. And the same can be said for Hobbs as well.

Outside: Isaiah Alston adds a new dimension at receiver, and can also be a game changer. Add to that Harrison and Roberts, watch out!

Leadership: Anderson under center is proven that he can effectively run the show and that's good enough for me.

Army 30
Cincy 17
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May 3, 2011
I didn't know Cincy coach worked with Schiano at OSU. Schiano is THE option killer and has only lost once to it ( Navy in 2008 23-21). Too bad DBs couldn't catch today. I never liked Army after bye.
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